• One-Stop Source for Septic System installation and repair.
  • Over 40 years experience in project management including landscape design and installation.
  • Our experienced team of Septic System professionals includes:
    • Design Engineers
    • Surveyors
    • Wetland Scientists
    • Licensed Plumbers & Electricians

Let us put our experience to work for you
With our expert team of technical support and engineers on staff, we have the resources to compliment our equipment, and skills to tackle every job from the smallest repair to the most daunting challenge.

"Working with The Reed Corp. on the new septic system was indeed a pleasure... communication was excellent, faithful attention to details of a new high tech system meant quick approval. They converted an eyesore beside my newly purchased house into a handsome property. People that say a septic system is ugly should come see my new facility."
- Polly Townsend

"Both Kitty and I want to thank you and your team for the first-rate job you did, under very difficult circumstances - with winter at our doorstep. No other reputable company would come near the job. The property now looks better than it did before."
- Fred Glacar

The Reed Corporation offers complete management from the design phase to completion of the system and on through the landscape construction.

Title V Inspections are legally required in most towns of Massachusetts when a property title transfer occurs. Inspections must be performed by certified Title V inspectors. They include measuring of sludge and scum levels, evaluating the integrity of the existing structure and determining the evidence of hydraulic failure. A number of other factors that need to be considered are the proximity of the septic system to a wetland, streams and private water supplies. Such factors require close cooperation with the local Conservation Commission (ConCom) and Assessor's Office. When the Reed Corporation has performed the Title V Inspection it informs clients the same day regarding the status of their septic system. The outcome of a Title V Inspection can be as follows:

Passed Title V Inspection
This means that the septic system meets the standard described in 310CMR 15.000.

Conditionally passed Title V Inspection
The septic system meets most of the standards described 310CMR 15.000, but minor repairs, leveling or installation of a component are required to comply. All work that needs to be performed to obtain compliance will require permits and approval by the local authority.

Further review by the local authority is required
This status is reached when after testing is determined that an extensive review of the compiled data by a local authority is required. After the review the local authority may request additional information and testing, before making the final ruling.

The Septic System failed Title V Inspection
The septic system does not meet the standards set forth in 310CMR 15.000. Compliance to the standard usually requires replacement of the entire septic system or connection to a municipal sewer system prior to a title transfer or within two years. For more in-depth information regarding Title V Inspection visit the Massachusetts DEP Title V homepage.

With a team of highly tained expert engineers on staff, The Reed Corporation can respond to all your septic system and installation needs from the smallest cover repair job to the replacement of an entire septic system.

Whether it is a cost effective repair, or the installation of a complete new system, our in-depth knowledge of local town and state regulations enables us to:
  • Assist our customers to obtain the necessary permits.
  • Maintain compliance throughout the entire project.
Our septic installation and repair services includes:
  • One-Stop source for septic system installation and repair
  • Site Assesments and Evaluations
  • Title V Inspections
  • New System Installations
  • Soil Probes
  • Perc Tests
  • Topographic Surveys
  • System Designs
  • Septic System Build Plans

Our technical engineering staff consistently provides cost effective solutions to septic system failure whether it is the replacement of a cover or the repair of a tank, we obtain the necessary permits and complete the job according to local town and state regulations.

Our septic system repair services includes:
  • Tank Installations
  • Tees/Baffles
  • Pipe Replacements
  • Leaching Field Replacements
  • Replacement Covers for Tanks or Distribution Boxes
  • Collars/Risers (bringing a cover to grade)
  • Distribution Boxes
  • Septic System Build Plans

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