"The Reed Corporation did a great job installing our shallow water well and we were most impressed with the restoration of the impacted area in the yard."
- Fred and Paulette Boling

Many properties in the Northeast have a naturally high water table, and land that will yield high quality ground water, making them suitable prospects for the installation of private on-site wells such as "Reed-Built" shallow water wells. If conditions are right, shallow water wells are an excellent and economical alternative to deeper, artesian wells for increasing your water supply and offsetting the costs of landscape irrigation.

Suitable sites for shallow water wells are typically found in low, but accessible locations that are usually wet during spring and early summer. The only way to definitively know if your property is a suitable site for a shallow water well is with a test hole. If ground water seeps into the test hole (approximately 16 feet in depth) conditions for success are favorable.

How Does it Work?
The Shallow Water Well is safe, economical and blends with the landscape. The principle of such an installation is to produce a large cavity or storage area into which ground water can constantly seep.

(1). After excavation, perforated concrete cylinders or "tiles" are set in place creating a storage chamber. An electric submersible pump installed at the bottom of the chamber will provide 13-16 gallons of water per minute (GPM) on demand.

(2). Regular replenishment of water will continue to the level of the water table.

(3). To access the site excavation, a temporary "plywood road" is constructed which minimizes disruption to the homeowner's property. At the conclusion of the project, the road is removed and all disturbed areas repaired.

(4). All electric conduits installation connections and relays etc. will be provided by our licensed electrician under the scope of the project.

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